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For anyone that is on the fence about using a wedding coordinator generally, it is so worth it.

For anyone unsure about who to use as their wedding coordinator, there is only one answer - HIDDEN.

Carly and Charlotte were amazing from start to finish. In our initial conversation they really took the time to suss out what we were looking for and tailored a plan for us accordingly. From then on we had regular catch-ups and planning sessions on all the elements of the day itself plus all those things that you wouldn't think about. Their organisational skills are second-to none, their compass and experience for any snap decisions that will make the day run smoothly and a clear love and passion for what they do really set them apart.

They established great relationships with everyone, from the venue to all the suppliers and even our parents at those moments that need a bit of patience! This allowed them to really shape the day into what we wanted, apparently effortlessly managing to create the perfect day for us. On such a pivotal moment in our lives it was great to know that all the hard work and investment was in such safe and talented hands to allow us, our families and our guests to celebrate the moment and have a great time.


Nothing was too much trouble. So much thought and care went into everything. The efficiency was fantastic. They were so helpful on the budgeting side and were able to both negotiate costs on our behalf and guide us as to what was and wasn't worth spending money on and were worth every penny on this element alone.


We would thoroughly recommend HIDDEN to anyone for their wedding or event. They are sensational.

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