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About Us

When people think of a "wedding planner" they immediately think of Franc from Father of the Bride or Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner; well we're somewhere in between. We have the eccentricity and love for all things fabulous like Franc, with the precision and attention to detail of J-Lo!


Founded 7 years ago and with a combined experience of over 20 years in the events and hospitality industry, we're fully aware of the issues that can arise on even the most meticulously planned event.  

Offering event planning, design and coordination,

H I D D E N are there to help execute your vision, ensure everything runs smoothly, take away the stress, allowing you to take a step back but with the confidence your property and/or event is being taken care of, with the same passion and love as if you were continuing to manage it yourself.


Whilst being based in Shropshire we really do travel where you wish, we pride ourselves in being discreet in our work. We manage, we don't take over (it's all in the name). This is your wedding and we along with our team are there to support you, whether that be in full or partial planning. 

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