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Our daughter Sophie married at home in June 2023. Hidden Weddings, Carly and Charlotte provided, ‘On The day Coordination’ – they did so much more than this suggests with style, efficiency and brilliance.

Carly , Charlotte and their team swooped into our lives the week prior to the wedding, thoroughly probing and documenting the fruits of our endless pre-event planning. No stone was left unturned in their detailed gathering of information, enabling them to collate all the threads, of who, when, what and where.


They made a huge effort to bond with Sophie and understand the vision she had for her wedding, whist covering every practical detail to ensure the day ran perfectly. They allowed us to let go of the organisation and simply be present to immerse ourselves in our daughter’s day. In a seamless and discreetly manner they drew the day together to create the most special memories for Sophie and Charlie.

Simply said, the wedding we gave was so much the better for having the support and talent of Hidden Weddings

Sophie_Charlie Highlights, LaraArnott, June 03, 2023, 122.jpg
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