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K + J


Where to begin! My husband, Justin, and I knew we wanted a destination wedding. We are from the United States, and the UK held some very fond memories for us as a couple. While looking for a wedding venue, we were recommended and introduced to Carly and Charlotte. I remember after the first call we had, I immediately wanted to be friends with them, which I thought was the exact feeling you're supposed to have when working with planners. The trust was instantly there, the ideas and visions matched, and they were so approachable with questions... and believe me, we had a lot of them.

The planning process was seamless. We were hesitant about how planning a wedding virtually would work, but it did! Carly and Charlotte always made us feel like a priority, and they always included both of us. They went out of their way to make communication work based on the time difference, and they even worked with the caterers to do a virtual tasting, which was very amusing! We never felt stressed, or out of the loop on next steps. Also, the network of partners they recommended were unbelievable! I don't want to call them vendors, because they were so much more to us than that.

The planning came and went, the anxiety subsided, and finally, it was time to meet them in person! We arrived and were immediately embraced by the biggest hugs, warmth, and genuine excitement.

Carly and Charlotte planned a beautiful three-day event for us, inclusive of a welcome BBQ, the wedding day, and afternoon tea the following day. And we cannot stress this enough, we wouldn’t have changed a thing. We remember every moment because they made it so memorable. Everywhere we looked, there were details we didn't even think of. We were told it was the hottest week in September, but they were cool, calm, and collected the whole time. We can honestly say, we would not have been able to plan a destination wedding without the help of these incredibly talented, professional, and wonderful women.

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